Living In My Wonderland

utdraget (most closely pronounced ootdrawget) n: snippet, clipping, excerpt. My life is never boring and sometimes can be quite funny. Well, maybe not to me at the time, but when I can laugh at myself, I share so you can laugh at me too.



You know those days when you should just quit before you start? June 13, 2017 was one of those days for me.

photograph of marshmello marshan with scars from a pallet

I Fought The Pallet ... And The Pallet Won

My then husband called to say there was a bad storm heading my way. I come from a place where they are seldom right about the weather so I wasn't too worried, but I figured I better batten down the hatches as the wind does blow here.

I had a pallet in the yard that I did not want to hurt any critters. Little did I know, but at that point in time, my day was going to go south, as they say, and real soon. I leaned over to pick it up and that is where things began. I knew I was falling. I tried to stop it, but soon realized that was NOT going to happen. I decided I would try to fall with gracefulness and dignity. That didn't happen either. If someone had been there with a phone they might have a little money right now. Awesome face plant into the pallet it was. At least my nose went between two boards, so it was my forehead that took the brunt of the blow.
I think my dignity took a bigger blow. I quickly looked around for any one who saw, whew, no one in sight. The worst part was having to explain to people when they asked "what happen to you?" Dignity took another face plant when I saw the look on their face when I explained. So I donned a bandana on my forehead like an 80's rocker band member and sailed into the weekend.



I once told my grandson that I killed a fantasy.

I know, my grandson was confused also.

I was sitting in church one day after the service and my grandson comes and rubs the collar of my coat. "Your coat is so soft, Grammie" he says. I told him "thank you, I like it too". Without missing a beat he asks me "what kind of animal did you have to kill for it?" I answered back, "a fantasy".

I got the most dumbfounded look. You see, my coat was made with fantasy fur, so no real animals were killed. I guess kids don't know about fantasy fur anymore.

I however, can not answer him as to which fantasy had to give up its life so I could be cozy.